Historical fiction about 11th century Britain
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Heir to a Prophecy by Mercedes RochelleThe three weird sisters
met Macbeth and Banquo on the heath
and pronounced their fatal prophecies that
lead to the death of King Duncan.
Afterward, seeing foes where he once
saw friends, Macbeth called his henchmen
and ordered the murder of Banquo and
his son Fleance.

The assassins failed in their mission, and
the boy escaped their clutches. But what
 happened to Fleance and who were the
kings the weird sisters referred to?

As the Elizabethans apparently knew,
Banquo was the ancestor of the Royal
Stewart line, so no further explanation
was necessary.

However, Fleance’s flight was only the
 beginning of a series of events that take
you through the battle of Dunsinane,
William the Conqueror’s Normandy,
the Battle of Hastings, and ultimately to
  Malcolm III’s Scotland, where Fleance’s

descendant Walter became the first
 Steward of Scotland.



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Heir to a Prophecy by Mercedes Rochelle

Heir to a Prophecy

by Mercedes Rochelle

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