If you read A KING UNDER SIEGE, you might remember that we left off just as Richard declared his majority at age 22. He was able to rise above the humiliation inflicted on him during the Merciless Parliament, but the fear that it could happen again haunted him the rest of his life. Ten years was a long time to wait before taking revenge on your enemies, but King Richard II was a patient man. Hiding his antagonism toward the Lords Appellant, once he felt strong enough to wreak his revenge he was swift and merciless. Alas for Richard, he went too far, and in his eagerness to protect his crown Richard underestimated the very man who would take it from him: Henry Bolingbroke.

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2 thoughts on “New Release! THE KING’S RETRIBUTION”

  1. Yes please I like an Audible link for A King Under Seige. Thank you.

    Tried to pre-Oder The Kings Revenge via (re-directed there as I’m in UK) on my iPad but says I can’t order on that device

    1. oh, Sam, I’m so sorry to hear that! Technology is only great when it works. Well, it will go live tomorrow, so that’ll give you overnight to get caught up with A KING UNDER SIEGE. HA! I’ll send the audio link along shortly, and thanks so much for asking.

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